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5 Steps To Smart Software Development image

5 Steps To Smart Software Development

The revolutionary idea is not enough to succeed in our rivalry-driven IT-market. Nowadays software development realities make us innovate, find approaches to being faster and more efficient than our opponents.

Here at TekkSoft, we believe in smart software development. We believe that a comprehensive strategy outperforms a greater budget. With that said, let's figure out 5 aspects you should bear in mind to keep the development performance high and costs low.

1. Conduct A Business Research: Plan Your Moves

Every software product begins with a concept. A concept of making this world a better place. Unfortunately, the sole idea is insufficient to kick-start development. Here's what you should begin with:

This way, you can visualize the planned development sequence and monitor the process by updating the functionality development status.

2. Scale Your Teams According To Your Business Growth Rate

As your business needs for software development and support increase, it is crucial to keep the structure of your development department scalable and grow your dev powers accordingly.

There are numerous universal techniques for extending your teams and accelerating the development cycle. These include but are not limited to the following:

 As you can see, there are both internal and external opportunities to scale your dev powers.  Nevertheless, bear in mind your risk tolerance when bringing new people to a project.

3. Ensure Sufficient Business Expertise In Your Team

Any software product becomes useless when processing data for the sake of processing data. The core concept of the software is to represent material processes. We fill our variables and databases with data we associate with the real-life tasks and problems. And this is where the domain expertise issue arises.

Here's the kicker: your dev team should focus on delivering solutions to the customer problems, not just empty technology implementations. This requires you and your team to understand the processes you need to emulate, optimize, and control.

Now, there are several ways to maintain a perfect understanding of customer problems and effective solutions to them:

Here at TekkSoft, we guarantee clear customer communication and organize transparent and manageable processes you can monitor. We enable customers to control and impact our processes.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Pivot

Keeping your business agile is not just a choice for your business strategy anymore. It is a necessary condition for staying ahead of your rivals in the ever-evolving market of today.

There are a lot of companies considering business pivoting as a last resort. They fear to change their ways of doing business, and this is not acceptable in the nowadays IT-driven realities. Here's why pivoting is not an issue:

After all, consider Amazon. The company has initially started as a website for selling books. We can only guess how it could turn out for this market giant if they didn't pivot to alternative business strategies.

5. Market Your Solutions Early: Collect Priceless Real-Life Data

Agile IT-world pushes businesses to launch their products the earliest possible. The thing is, marketing your solution faster than others is your key advantage over the competitors.

Here's the idea: while your rivals are not even on the user's radar, you are already gathering marketing data to make your product more relevant and demanded. This is what differs you from your losing opponent, this is why users consider you as their primary choice.

Here at TekkSoft, we believe that the Minimum Viable Product addresses the issue of the early launch. MVP is the first lean version of your product. It contains only core functionality. Minimum Viable product is often a crucial step for a company, and this is why:

The IT-industry leaves little chances to ones launching late. Opt for MVP development to gain an initial competitive advantage and keep it till you capture the biggest market share among your rivals.

The Bottom Line

Quality software development is far beyond building conventional apps. It is about understanding customer problems and generating quality and timely solutions.

If you are looking for professional software development and management services, drop a line to our TekkSoft experts. We focus on delivering value and are passionate about bringing your revolutionary idea to life.

15 Feb 2020
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