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Services we offer

Dedicated teams

If you have an outstanding product idea but lack time to hire appropriate specialists for its realization, we can help you.
With us, you can:
  • Hire a remote expert or a team of professionals
  • Check if they are qualified enough to work on your project
  • Monitor and estimate performance of the team and its members performance at any time
  • Seamlessly collaborate with the team without your business model being affected

Turn-key software development

We take care of each stage of your project, from wireframe to end product. During our cooperation, you can:
  • Manage the team and monitor the progress yourself
  • Create your own development plan and project trajectory timeline
  • Hire a remote PM, who will undertake routine activities and provide reports according to the plan
  • Focus on your business while our experts will work on your product, starting with an estimation and ending with the launch

Software support and maintenance

Quality is one of our core values, that’s why it is our first priority, including support of your software if you need additional resources for that. Our experts will:
  • Complete all tasks strictly within your deadlines
  • Stick to your development and business standards
  • Give a piece of advice on the possible optimization of processes
  • Ensure that your product stays in line with the latest technologies

Software upgrade

To help you keep up with the latest technology innovations, we can upgrade your existing applications and platforms:
  • Add new functional units
  • Refactor your software for further scalability
  • Smooth migration to the high-load solution
  • Increase performance of your product

Software testing

To ensure your ideal user experience, we thoroughly test each product before delivery. Our experts:
  • Perform all kinds of testing for your software, including unit, interface, integration, compatibility, usability, localization, or any other testing
  • Document every test and share the results with you whenever you want to have a look at them
  • Eliminate any possible bugs and resolve all the issues discovered
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