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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Ukrainian Developers image

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Ukrainian Developers

Do you have a project idea or you want to improve an existing one? One of the main tasks at this stage will be to find contractors who won’t only fulfill your intentions, but also do everything clearly and competently.

Here we want to represent the main advantages of hiring Ukrainian IT specialists. There are a large number of successful Ukrainian IT projects and the number of investments in companies. The amount of software engineers grow by almost 20% annually, and salaries are pleasing with their stability. IT Ukraine Association claims that the total number of IT specialists will increase to 200,000-300,000 in the next 3-5 years.

 1. Good, accessible and useful technical education

There are roughly 36,000 students who graduate from more than 400 Ukrainian higher education institutions every year. This is much more than in many other innovative countries - for example, Norway, Japan, or Belgium. In addition, there are also a huge number of courses in computer technology and teaching programming languages. IT companies provide profitable employment, such as competitive salaries, comfortable offices, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Thanks to that, more and more Ukrainian entrants each year choosing a programming specialty.

It should be noted that nearly 80% of IT technicians have a diploma of higher education, which gives them an advantage when applying for a job. In the QS World University 2020, you can see some of the Ukrainian universities such as Kharkiv National University, Kyiv National University, Lviv Polytechnic University. For instance, Kharkiv National University, which offers opportunities for learning Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Automation, and Computer-integrated Technologies. Moreover, the level of education and competency of professors is pretty high. Such important qualities for a programmer as self-discipline, attentiveness, and hard work, are also gained in higher educational institutions. The capabilities and potential of our developers allow us to compete with the best Western experts.

 2. Excellent value for money

The medium hourly rate for software engineers is $ 20-50, with an average salary of between $ 1,500 and $ 3,500 per month. Compared with more developed countries such as the UK, or the USA, the level of salaries in Ukraine is lower. But this is due to the fact that the cost of living in Ukraine is also lower.

This can be expressed by the so-called Big Mac index described by the Economist magazine, which shows the purchasing power of different countries. In this ranking, Ukraine is in second place from the end among the participants. According to these studies, the Ukrainian programmer will be able to buy more burgers for his salary than his colleague from another country, whose salary is higher.

 3. The high level of English

Since knowledge of English is a useful tool for programmers in Ukraine and the desire for success is high, IT experts devote a lot of time to learn English. So why is an English necessary for a developer? There are many useful materials in English (lectures, books), most of the IT terminology is taken from the English language, technical documentation for all programming languages are compiled in English. A lot of software engineers work for foreign clients, and in such situation, the knowledge of English is extremely important.

In addition to highly motivated IT specialists, companies provide their employees with English language courses and study materials. So that workers know how to write a competent email in English, hold meetings, communicate freely with customers and foreign employees, attend conferences, hold presentations.

And due to the 7-hour time difference, the US East Coast is much more convenient to work with Ukraine than India, Vietnam, or the Philippines. At the same time, the time difference between Ukraine and Europe is only one hour.

 4. Modern work ethics

Work ethics is an important component of any workflow, it is established communication between workers, which motivates people to stay among like-minded people.

Ukraine is a country where for a long time it wasn’t said about the formation of corporate culture as a whole. During the Soviet Union, work ethics was built on ideological considerations. But with the introduction of foreign principles, Ukrainian IT companies rebuilt the approach to work in a more modernized and successful way.

Now the demand is growing for people with a European mindset who think in engineering and creativity. Work ethics in the field of Ukrainian outsourcing is very similar to the European one, which also helps to establish successful communication with benefits for both parties. Such innovative countries as the UK, USA, and Canada use the services of developers from Ukraine most of all.

The unique atmosphere within the team, friendly relations with the leadership, the possibility of individual development, interesting projects are all the results of the successful implementation of the European way of life in Ukrainian cultural ethics.

 5. Industry development

According to studies, the growth rate of sales of Ukrainian IT companies is 5 times more than the world pace, which indicates the rapid development of this industry.

The positive dynamics of the IT industry (20% of all services that are exported by Ukraine) are gradually crowding out the usual export giants, such as heavy industry and natural resources.

In addition to high-quality technical education, which introduces qualified specialists to the IT industry market, in recent years there have appeared dozens of new areas and professions. In Ukraine, there is an increasing demand for various cloud services and cybersecurity, the growing use of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, state projects in the field of digitalization.

Recently, Ukrainian IT companies have been concentrating on long-term relationships with customers, constant contact to provide all the information about the development of the project, as well as the accelerated release of the product. Aside from providing customized solutions, companies offer consulting services that are in great demand among foreign colleagues. Due to the high level of education and self-motivation, TekkSoft team is reliable and profitable partners, who can help you create or upgrade your product.

08 Jul 2020
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